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It's a versatile learning approach, covering weddings, portraits, and various photography niches that align with your interests. But we go beyond the lens. 

What makes this program truly transformational?

The mentorship program isn't just about refining your photography skills; it's about sparking a transformation in your creative journey. Picture this: a personalized experience tailored to your unique style, aspirations, and challenges. Our mentors, seasoned professionals who've walked the very path you aspire to, bring a wealth of experience, insights, and lessons from their successful photography careers. This isn't just mentorship; it's a journey of self-discovery, skill refinement, and entrepreneurial growth. We celebrate every milestone, big or small, because your success is our success. DAG IMAGES Mentorship Program isn't just about capturing moments through a lens; it's about capturing the essence of your potential and transforming it into a flourishing venture. Are you ready to witness the transformative power of your own creativity? Join us and let's embark on this extraordinary journey together. πŸš€πŸ“Έβœ¨

Are you a young or novice photographer dreaming of taking your creativity to new heights?

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Investment: $497

resources to assist growth


weekly 1-on-1 tailored mentorship


weekly group training sessions


access to Industry-Experienced experts




What to Expect In This Program

access to Exclusive community group


How does this work?

Honesty, authenticity, some sweat & with some laughs along the way!

Tailored Guidance + Customized Learning Paths

For our 1-on-1 sessions, you'll be able to connect and tackle specific issues in your business and craft. While we will have a curriculum the entire group will be working through, we understand that everyone learns differently. Therefore, the program is not one-size-fits-all. I take the time to understand your unique style, aspirations, and challenges, providing personalized guidance that aligns with your creative vision.

Industry experts + group learning sessions

You get to connect with experts who have walked the path you aspire to traverse. You are able to benefit from their wealth of experience, insights, and valuable lessons learned throughout their successful photography careers. Our experts offer expertise in building a successful venture, from marketing strategies, performance coaching to client relations.

specialized course materials + RESOURCES

Each week, we will dive into a new topic and each topic has course materials (and HOMEWORK) for you to complete. This would be completed outside of your regular 1-on-1 check-ins and group sessions. These are also resources you will have access to post-graduation to continue to use and thrive in your business.

supportive community

In our exclusive space, we will facilitate connections and collaboration, creating an environment where you feel supported by both mentors and peers. We will also share opportunities and industry events we believe you would benefit from. This community is about embracing & celebrating the diversity of backgrounds, skills, wins, and goals within your mentorship program.

How to join? In 3 simple steps:

Fill Out Our Application: Share a bit about yourself, your photography journey, and what you hope to achieve through the mentorship program

Meet Your Mentor: Once accepted, you'll meet with debbie to talk about your goals.

Begin Your Creative Journey: Dive into personalized sessions, workshops, and resources designed to propel your photography skills and business acumen.

You will...

I'm your candid storyteller and mentor on a transformative journey into the world of photography. After years as a dedicated photographer, I'm pivoting to share the wealth of knowledge accumulated through my lens. As a passionate advocate for authentic storytelling, my candid and tell-all approach demystifies the art of photography.

With a background steeped in capturing genuine moments, I bring a decade of photography experience to the table. Having been featured in notable publications such as Brides Magazine and Vanity Fair, I'm not just a photographer; I'm your mentor on this exciting educational expedition.

Debbie Lemonte

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