Best NYC Elopement Spots: Central Park to Skyline Romance

March 27, 2024


Hello, lovebirds! Ready to say ‘I do’ in the bustling streets of NYC? Get excited! As your seasoned wedding and elopement photographer right here in the heart of the Big Apple, I’ve been privileged to capture countless intimate moments in the very best NYC elopement spots: from the enchanting beauty of Central Park to the captivating skyline romance.

1. Wagner Cove – A Secluded Gem in Central Park

Nestled within Central Park, Wagner Cove offers a serene and picturesque setting for your NYC elopement. Say “I do” amidst lush greenery and the tranquil waters of the lake.

Central Park elopement captured by DAG IMAGES - NYC weddings

2. Bethesda Terrace & Fountain – Timeless Elegance in Central Park

With its stunning architecture and scenic views, Bethesda Terrace & Fountain provides a timeless backdrop for couples seeking a touch of grandeur for their Central Park elopement.

3. City Hall – Classic and Elegant NYC Weddings

For couples seeking simplicity and elegance, City Hall provides a classic backdrop for a no-fuss ceremony.

4. Cherry Hill – Romantic Blossoms in Central Park

Experience the magic of springtime in Central Park at Cherry Hill, where blooming cherry blossoms set the scene for a whimsical elopement surrounded by nature’s beauty.

5. Bryant Park – Vibrant Midtown Manhattan Setting

Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Bryant Park offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere for couples who want to tie the knot amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

6. Bow Bridge – Iconic Romance in Central Park

As one of the most iconic spots in Central Park, Bow Bridge exudes romance and charm. Take a stroll hand in hand down its picturesque pathway and exchange vows in this fairy tale setting.

Central Park elopement captured by DAG IMAGES - NYC weddings

7. Treehouse for Dreaming

Nestled within the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Treehouse for Dreaming is a hidden gem perfect for nature-loving couples seeking a whimsical and intimate setting for their Brooklyn elopement.

8. Cop Cot – Rustic Charm in Central Park

For a touch of rustic charm, Cop Cot in Central Park offers a cozy wooden structure surrounded by lush greenery—a perfect spot for a rustic-chic elopement in NYC.

9. Brooklyn Bridge Park – Breathtaking Views of NYC Skyline

With sweeping views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline, Brooklyn Bridge Park provides a breathtaking backdrop for couples who want to say “I do” against the iconic cityscape.

10. Fort Tyron – Idyllic Retreat from the City

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the beauty of Fort Tyron Park. Its winding pathways and scenic vistas make it an idyllic setting for a romantic elopement.

11. North Woods – Serene Oasis in Central Park

Located in the northern part of Central Park, the North Woods offers a peaceful oasis away from the city noise—a perfect retreat for couples seeking a serene and intimate ceremony.

12. MADE Hotel – Chic and Contemporary Rooftop Venue

For a chic and contemporary vibe, consider eloping at MADE Hotel. Its stylish interiors and rooftop views make it the epitome of urban sophistication for your NYC elopement.

13. Ladies Pavilion – Victorian Charm in Central Park

Nestled on the edge of the lake in Central Park, Ladies Pavilion is a charming Victorian gazebo perfect for an intimate ceremony with vintage flair.

14. Grand Central Terminal – Old-World Glamour in the Heart of NYC

Make a grand entrance (or exit!) by eloping at Grand Central Terminal. Its iconic architecture and bustling atmosphere add a dash of old-world glamour to your NYC elopement.

15. Top of the Rock – Panoramic Views of the City Skyline

For panoramic views of the city skyline, exchange vows at Top of the Rock against the backdrop of the Empire State Building and the twinkling lights of the city below.

16. Gapstow Bridge – Quintessential NYC Backdrop

Gapstow Bridge offers a quintessential New York backdrop for your elopement. Its elegant arch and reflective pond provide a picture-perfect setting for saying “I do.”

No matter which spot you choose, your elopement in NYC is guaranteed to be a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

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